Doterra Heartburn

The doTERRA® Center for Integrative Oncology will be more than 8,400 square feet on the first floor of the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center. The Center will provide a calming space with holistic care options to complement St. Elizabeth’s comprehensive medical care, including the use of doTERRA® essential oils and aromatherapy, yoga, meditation.

doTERRA® helps to enhance your life and improve your family’s health and well being. Start building up your child’s immunity and get rid of all the germs and bacteria in the house.

With help from your doctor, essential oils can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding to help support a healthy body and healthy baby. Learn everything you need to.

You probably know oregano best as the herb you put on pizzas and in sauces. Yet, there is a lot more to oregano oil than just its taste. The world is starting to wake up to the many medical possibilities of oregano oil, particularly against bacterial infections.

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